Bundle - ASSEMBLED - SHOGUN King Slingshot 720mm draw, exclusive to SLINGSHOTS.UK


Bundle - ASSEMBLED - SHOGUN King Slingshot 720mm draw, exclusive to SLINGSHOTS.UK

From Slingshots.UK a newly designed and EXCLUSIVE 720mm Draw Slingshot

(Assembly is here)

Bundle Package:

  • Shogun Kit Assembled (Blue / Black model)
  • FREE shipping (UK mainland only)
  • 4 of 14mm steel shot
  • 100 of 8mm shot
  • 50 of 10mm shot
  • High quality, powerful Green Laser
  • Spare Shogun Band Set

This is the SHOGUN King Kong Slingshot, with a mighty 760mm draw and 4 of High Quality Flat bands giving enormous fire power of 230FPS (Feet Per Second) / 70MPS(Metres Per Second), a staggering speed for a rubber band Slingshot (8mm, 3.0g steel bearings) 

AND it can fire Single Shot or Multi-Shot, like a Shotgun.  This monster slingshot will shoot ball bearings, full-sized carbon arrows, and even birdshot style rounds. Yes - you read that correctly. This slingshot can shoot between 10-30 ball bearings in a single shot.

Built TOUGH. Fully CNC machined. Full stainless steel trigger mechanism. Aluminium alloy grip. Big bore - the main barrel will accept up to 16mm sized ball bearings.

The kit is provided with TWO band sets:
  • Single Shot: The single ball holder (6mm to 16mm) where a single ball shot is held in place by a cupped magnetised holder.
  • Multi-Shot: Where the magnetised cup is elongated, around 30mm length, and this cup can hold around 20 4mm shot, or any single shot as above (requires a band change)
  • Video to follow soon
  • Small sample of buckshot (4mm) balls provided, approximately 50 shot
Scope not included, the pictures of the scope are for reference only.

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  • 230FPS (Feet Per Second)
  • 2 of Linear Rails and 4 Linear Bearings provide a very smooth draw, and easy loading
  • 4 of 1.5mm Flat Bands, you need a strong grip to load
  • Adjustable Length Rear Stock
  • Full CNC Creation for all parts
  • Muffler on the front to absorb the band shock at the front of the kit
  • 7063 Aviation Aluminium Handle
  • Grip 'steady' to allow your non-grip hand to steady the length
  • Unique Firing Mechanism
  • Single Shot Cup Holder
  • Multi (Shotgun) Cup Holder
  • Steel Balls hold the bands in place on the 15mm Thick Aluminium Head


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