VSS Slingshot (Versatile Simple Slingshot) Rifle


VSS Slingshot (Versatile Simple Slingshot) Rifle

From Slingshots.UK a newly designed and ultra low cost Versatile Simple Slingshot asked for by clients who want a simple, easy to assemble slingshot at a great price.

This model has a telescopic / extendable barrel, the low cost type, not designed for ultra power as our more expensive models are, but still able to shoot quite far

  • CHOICE of Slingshot Head (see below)
  • Option A - Standard 20mm Flat Band head
  • Option B - Dual Flat or Round Band Head 25mm flat band, can use round or flat bands or Bow string type to fire arrows (Ultra Dual ARROW /BOLT Band sets 3060 band, 6.4mm diameter for firing arrows)
  • Option C - 40mm width, Long Flat band set, included and a high quality 8 band round band set, use one or the other for extra power, this is a very, very high quality head for this kit (note the picture for option C shows the head only but the full kit will be sent)
Then there are options to buy single items as well

Note, pictures are for reference purposes only. 

Not included:

Other bands than the standard band.
Scope Riser Mount is optional
Laser is Optional

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£5.99 - £44.99


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This VSS kit is composed of the following:
  • Standard Aluminium Extendable / Retractable Pole (dimensions shown in pictures)
  • Standard Trigger Set, uses up to 12mm ball shot
  • Front Bow Head with 49mm Flat Band capacity
  • Full Stock Grip
  • One of Standard Band Included