Repeating SX-10 HORNET Slingshot Continuous Shooting 40-rounds Ammo NEW


Repeating SX-10 HORNET Slingshot Continuous Shooting 40-rounds Ammo NEW

Brand new 2023 Model, SX-10 HORNET Slingshot (unassembled)

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1:The slingshot has a built-in magazine for continuous shooting, archery and steel balls. (Storage: about 40 capsules, Ball size: 8 mm)

2: Bearing type pulley, easy to load

3: Universal base, any telescope can be installed

4: Large-capacity magazine, which can hold UP TO 40 8mm steel balls

5: CNC track, accurate shooting

6.This is the latest version of the rifle-style slingshot. We have improved and innovated the product on the basis of the original

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The SX-10 Slingshot rifle is a unique and innovative Slingshot was developed by a team of engineers and outdoor enthusiasts, this Slingshot is designed for those who enjoy hunting and target shooting with a twist.

The SX-10 Slingshot is a versatile tool that can be used for both long-range shooting and close-quarters hunting. It is equipped with a slingshot scope and laser attachment that allows for accurate and powerful shots, while also providing the option to use traditional ball shot ammunition. This makes it a perfect soltution for any situation, whether it be hunting small game or participating in target shooting competitions.

The Slingshot  also boasts a sturdy and lightweight design, making it easy to carry and handle. It is constructed with a durable aluminum frame and features a comfortable grip for added stability and accuracy. The slingshot bands are made from high-quality latex, ensuring maximum power and durability.

In addition to its unique design, the SX-10 Slingshot also has a variety of optional accessories that enhance its functionality. These include a scope for improved accuracy, a bipod for stable shooting, and a laser sight for pinpoint precision. These accessories can be easily attached and detached, making the rifle adaptable for any shooting scenario.

Aside from its practical use, the Xx-10 Slingshot also has a sleek and modern design. Its futuristic appearance is sure to turn heads and make it a conversation starter among fellow shooters.

In conclusion, the SX-10 Slingshot is a game-changer in the world of hunting and target shooting. Its unique combination of a slingshot and rifle, along with its high fps and various accessories, make it a versatile and powerful tool. With its durability, safety features, and stylish design, the SX-10 Slingshot rifle is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast.

  • Latest SX-10 model
  • All black model (not bolts, bands or wire)
  • Overall length (assembled) - 76cm (68cm with stock folded)
  • Overall height (assembled) - 18cm
  • Overall width (assembled) - 24cm
  • Shot load capacity 35 to 40 shot
  • Front Laser / Torch mount
  • 4 dual power bands INCLUDED replacements available (please do ask)
  • Rotating linear bearing added to ease shot cocking
  • Safety cock on front grip, keeps the slingshot from being cocked
  • Spring Loaded 'push' shot mechanism, enables semi-automatic loading
  • Rigid comfortable plastic handle
  • Easy hold Front Grip
  • Aluminium Bearing mounts
  • Large bolts used for extra rigidity
  • 20mm top mounting laser or scope facility
  • Spare parts available!!!
  • Adjustable Length / Folding metal STOCK included!!!


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