Multibuy - New for 2024 The Delta X-WING Slingshot Repeater

Multibuy - New for 2024 The Delta X-WING Slingshot Repeater

New, for clubs, friends, wholesale, multibuy option with fantastic discounts!

Custom design, based on the ever popular SX-10 model, but re-designed to be lighter, easier to assemble and easy to store, with a re-designed slider which allows Rapid Fire of up to 40 of 8mm clay or steel 8mm ball shot

Buy 2 of, discount is 10%: Price for 2 is £237.98 (discount of £42.00)

Buy 3 of, discount is 15%: Price for 3 is £335.97 (discount of £83.94)

Buy 4 of, discount is 20%: Price for 4 is £419.97 (discount of £139.99)

Buy 5 of, discount is 30%: Price for 3 is £489.96 (discount of £209.98)

This model includes the Funky Red Grip option.

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The Delta X-Wing Slingshot Rifle is an advanced and highly versatile slingshot designed for precision target shooting

It features a sleek and ergonomic design, making it easy to handle and aim with precision. 

One of the key features of the Delta X-Wing Slingshot is its customizable setup, allowing users to fine-tune the slingshot to suit their specific needs and preferences. This includes adjustable stock, sight, and grip options. 

The slingshot also boasts a durable construction, built with high-quality materials to ensure reliability and longevity in the field. It is designed for recreational shooting and target practice, making it a versatile choice for shooters of all skill levels. 

Overall, the Delta X-Wing Slingshot Rifle is a cutting-edge slingshot that offers exceptional performance, precision, and customization options for slingshot users seeking a high-quality and reliable slingshot

  • 2024 Delta X-Wing Model
  • 8 Spearfishing type rubber Bands
  • All black model (not bolts, bands, grip or wire)
  • Uses 8mm Ball shot
  • Weight: 2100g

  • Length: 620cm (Stock folded) 821cm (Stock extended)

  • Slingshot head width: 220mm

  • Shot load capacity 40 shot x 8mm ball
  • Front Laser / Torch / Fishing mount
  • Rear Laser / Scope mount
  • X-Wing Fully Detaches for easy storage
  • Rotating pulley wheels to ease shot cocking
  • Safety slip handle on front grip, keeps the slingshot from being cocked
  • Rapid Fire 'push' shot mechanism, enables semi-automatic loading
  • Choice of Handle Grip , standard, standard red model, Lower Stock model
  • Easy hold Front Grip
  • Brand new slider design mechanism
  • Large bolts used for extra rigidity
  • 20mm top mounting laser or scope facility
  • Spare parts available!!!

1:The slingshot has a built-in magazine for continuous shots

2: New 2024 Custom Design Bearing slider, easy to load

3: Universal 20mm picatinny mounts

4: Large-capacity magazine, which can hold UP TO 40 of 8mm steel balls

5: CNC designed, extruded aluminum track, for smooth motion

6: This custom design is based on  SX-10 Hornet, but it is lighter, easier to assemble, but just as mean, lean and powerful


Occasionally apply some light oil, bow string wax or silicon grease to the slider bearings to aid smooth sliding

Keep the rubber bands as free as possible from moisture.

When storing or transporting the kit put in a water resistant bag

Never, ever aim or fire at people!!!
Use on Private land
If you fire at glass there will be an almighty mess of shards to clear up
When loaded, where possible keep the front of the rifle towards the ground


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