Maximus - Shotgun-Compound Bow (Complete Set)

Maximus - Shotgun-Compound Bow (Complete Set)

Maximus - Multi featured Compound Bow, Arrows, Single shot or Shotgun mode Compound Bow



  • Standard Compound Bow arrows (with the magazine removed)
  • Bolts / darts / crossbow arrows (top section of the magazine)
  • Steel balls single shot or 
  • Shotgun mode 4mm or 6mm steel balls 

More details:

With no magazine or shot loader fitted:
This allows standard long compound bow arrows to be used with a similar action to a normal compound bow

With magazine fitted:
This kit has a multi featured CNC precision cut magazine to fire single or multi shot steel balls, even BB type shot can be used. The top section of the magazine allows single crossbow type arrows dual or triple vane to be loaded and fired.

Then, you can also attach a single shot loader or a multi-shot loader (shotgun mode)

Single Shot Loader:
Machined to hold steel balls. The Short magazine is for for single shots, and allows the use of 6mm through to 14mm steel balls. A very strong magnet holds the shot in place before firing

Multi Shot Loader:
Use for Diameter 5-7MM steel balls in shotgun mode or single shot mode

Load multiple shot into the loader to fire in Shotgun mode, use 4mm to 7mm shot, you will be able to determine how many can be loaded with practice but the smaller shot is around 10 to 15 shot and the larger around 4 to 6 shot

  • Magazine Material: Super thick aluminium alloy
  • Magazine size: 33.5*1.2*L6 inches
  • Compound Bow Power: 40-70 pounds (adjustable)
  • Pull distance: 25-27.5 inches
  • Base: 9.4 inches
  • Wheelbase: 21 inches
  • Bow weight: 3.9 pounds
  • Initial speed of steel ball: 120 m/s (6 mm steel ball)
  • Initial arrow speed: 96 m/s (8008 arrows)
  • Dimensions: 25*13.5*3.9 inches
  • Bow wheel: aluminium-magnesium alloy
  • Bow: Aluminium-magnesium alloy
  • Bow Limbs: high-strength bow piece
  • Net weight: 3.3KG
  • Bow set as described
  • 2 of 2 vane arrows
  • 2 of 'little hornet' 3 vane arrows
  • 1 of Nika R9 Cobra Carbon Fibre Arrow
  • Sample 6mm shot
  • Sample 8mm Shot

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