Custom 'SnapShot' Hand Slingshot

Custom 'SnapShot' Hand Slingshot

A custom designed, variable 'SnapShot' Hand Slingshot, our first ever Hand Slingshot, deserving of the title 'SnapShot'

Take a good look at the head on this kit, it has 4 of Flat Band AND 4 of round band holes giving a massive choice of bamd types to use, which we believe is unique on a hand held slingshot.

This head allows you to fit the band that suits your mode, mood and situation, from a simple 20mm width flat band, all the way up to a combined 4 x Flat Band AND 4 x Round band Set to give maximum 'SnapShot' power in a hand held slingshot

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Band Descriptions (right click on any picture and open in new window to see full view)

20mm Flat Bands

20mm x 1mm x 260mm: This band is like most hand slingshot bands, thin, long stretch (1200mm easy) and versatile, this band requires folding at the head end as it will not fit otherwise, see below


20mm x 2mm x 240mm, double the thickness of the standard band, this is one of the easons we call this kit SnapShot, as this band allows quick, rapid shots, stretch 900mm to 1000mm



40mm x 20mm Taper Flat Bands

40mm x 0.75mm x 240mm, these bands allow more power than the 20mm type, simply because there is more band width so roughly 1.8x the power. This band is the most common that we sell as it is very flexible, relatively low cost and easy to fit on all slingshots, stretch 900mm to 1200mm



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