BUNDLE - VSS Slingshot (Versatile Simple Slingshot) Rifle plus accessory kit

BUNDLE - VSS Slingshot (Versatile Simple Slingshot) Rifle plus accessory kit

From Slingshots.UK a newly designed and ultra low cost Versatile Simple Slingshot asked for by clients who want a simple, easy to assemble slingshot at a great price.

This kit includes a bundle of accessories:

  • 40mm Flat Band Head Set
  • 3 of flat band sets
  • 1 of Scope Riser kit
  • 1 of Red Laser (with mount)
  • 50 of 8mm steel ball shot
This model has a telescopic / extendable barrel

This head is included, the bands included are shown on the left and right of the picture

Note, pictures are for reference purposes only. 




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Andy p

I bought a Voss slingshot they a really good a green laser will certainly be better than red Two weeksi found red just to weak beam to see in daylight but the service from the company is top notch I had a faulty part and nothing was to much trouble to replace it and the online assembly photos was a great help so yes for me I give 9.5 out of 10 because the red laser is not powerful enough but I would buy again probably an upgrade but these things are great fun if used responsibly Andy P

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