Bundle - ASSEMBLED SX-10 HORNET Slingshot Continuous Shot up to 40-rounds shot

Bundle - ASSEMBLED SX-10 HORNET Slingshot Continuous Shot up to 40-rounds shot

Brand new SX-10 HORNET Slingshot (Assembled)

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  • Tested on a high quality Chronos-RS Chronograph with average fps of 318!!!

For this sale, one of our team assemble the kit for you, saving you hours of work! We put everything together expertly and then send the kit to you ready to use. 

Brand new 2023 Model, SX-10 HORNET Slingshot (assembled) 

Note: If similar models don't have these band wings then that is not the latest 2023 model!

  • Expert assembly
  • Ready to use out of the box
  • 20 of 8mm shot included in the magazine, ready to load & shoot
  • Spare parts included in bag
  • Guaranteed to work immediately
  • Total Weight 3.2Kg

  • The slingshot has a built-in magazine for continuous shooting, archery and steel balls. (Storage: about 40 capsules, Ball size: 8 mm)
  • Bearing type pulley, easy to load
  • Universal base, any telescope can be installed
  • Large-capacity magazine, which can hold UP TO 40 8mm steel balls
  • CNC machined track for accurate shooting

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  • Latest SX10 model
  • Tested on a high quality Chronos-RS Chronograph and average is 320FPS!!!
  • All black model (not bolts, bands or wire)
  • Overall length (assembled) - 76cm (68cm with stock folded)
  • Overall height (assembled) - 18cm
  • Overall width (assembled) - 24cm
  • Shot load capacity 35 to 40 shot
  • Front Laser / Torch mount
  • 4 dual power bands INCLUDED replacements available (please do ask)
  • Rotating linear bearing added to ease shot cocking
  • Safety cock on front grip, keeps the slingshot from being cocked
  • Spring Loaded 'push' shot mechanism, enables semi-automatic loading
  • Rigid comfortable plastic handle
  • Easy hold Front Grip
  • Aluminium Bearing mounts
  • Large bolts used for extra rigidity
  • 20mm top mounting laser or scope facility
  • Spare parts available!!!
  • Adjustable Length / Folding metal STOCK included!!!


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